.Wav War | DJ Battle

Music producers who have been hunkered down in the studio, now is your time to shine! Come be a part of a community of musicians, producers, and DJs, and show us your best productions in a fun and creative live performance competition.


Bring your gear, your laptop, or whatever you use to produce electronic music and compete in three categories:

1. Creativity - Stun the judges with your sound. Whatever you think will impress. Live looping, live beat production, or a practiced theremin jam. All are welcome! This category is judged by the originality and freshness of your sound. 

2. Technique - Sure you know what you want to sound like, but do you have the skill to pull it off without missing a beat?

3. Performance - Anyone can hit [ > ] and stand there. Show the judges you love what you're creating while you're creating it. 

How It Goes:

  • Each DJ has 5 minutes to set up whatever equipment they need with one 1/4" stereo output in a 3' x 2.5' spot. (if you can fit your gear in that space you qualify)

  • 8 contestants compete in up to 3 rounds of B2B style DJ battles. 

  • Tracks are cut at 4 minutes so don't miss a beat!


What Do They Win?


ALL THE CRED & GLORY! Plus a $100 gift card and their own paid Saturday night gig DJing at Drinks Lounge.

Sign Up!

Thanks! We'll check out your stuff and see when we can get you in.